My name is Melissa Reid and I am looking for work experience in Paid Search (PPC) based in London.

I have a vocation for digital marketing, keyword development, and PPC, along with modifying rich media assets including video, imagery and 3D modelling.

Amongst my strengths are my abilities to process information, cross reference data and communicate it in a clear and concise manner in conjunction with spotting trends in data.

Scroll down to find out more about me and how to get in touch with me.


What I have done with my life so far


Social Media Intern - N3RD

  • Creating content for blog posts
  • Carrying out background research for potential projects
  • Running competitions on Facebook
  • Updating Facebook pages with up-to-date industry relevant content
  • Keyword research and development for PPC and SEO
  • Running CPC campaigns on Facebook


BA Digital Media - module studies

  • Digital research and practice
  • Digital Culture
  • Authoring Multimedia Applications
  • Broadcast Media
  • Future television and cinema
  • 3D Graphics and Animation
  • Game Design
  • Video post-production
  • Visual Design for Digital Media
  • Web Design
  • Managing new media projects
  • Introduction to New Media
  • Creative Digital Video
  • Website Development
  • Databases
  • 3D Character Modelling
  • Human Computer Interaction

Where I want to go with my life

I am looking to gain more experience with pay per click, and I am studying towards completing the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam.

Search has always been an interesting area to me and I originally wanted to work in organic search focusing on SEO.

Since being given a taste of PPC through running a CPC Facebook campaign I realised PPC is the area I want to focus on.

To sum up: I hope to increase my experience in this field and I am hoping you will offer me the opportunity to do so.


Hire me

Contact me now and offer me an internship.

With my enthusiasm and your guidance, we can turn my goals into conversions.