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Mel Reid – The person, the campaign, the brand

From this point forward I will be referring to myself in 3rd person, I figure if Prince can be known as a symbol I can be known as a brand.

During my job hunt I realised many things; looking for a job is boring.

Sending emails is boring, making phone calls is boring. Interviews however are exciting.

But how does one land the interviews? I have an idea, and the idea is “Mel Reid” the brand.

What better way to get a job in marketing than by marketing yourself?

I am currently in the process of running a digital campaign for Mel Reid. The campaign currently consists of a mixture of email marketing and paid social advertisements.

Social adverts:

For the last week I have been running ads advertising “Mel Reid” to fellow digital marketers. A/B testing my adverts by changing copy, images and target audience.

Courtesy of GoDaddy I had £33 of Facebook credits to play around with.

My initial Facebook Ads were micro-targeted towards specific employers, you can read about micro targeting on Facebook here.

I started off with a sample of 4 PPC agencies based in London, researching their directors/managers of digital marketing and then the fun began.

What does your digital footprint say about you?

Due to the nature of the industry I want to enter the managers and directors were easy to find by doing a Google search.

With information pulled from Google, their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and G+ accounts I was able to create semi-detailed lists of interests and backgrounds (note all of this information is publically available). I used this information to target my audience.


I ran the ad for the few days and to my surprise..


Sadly at this point the lead went dead, that was until this week when I started the “Mel Reid” digital campaign back up.

This time around I went for the macro approach and funny enough “FOUND” found me, I will be meeting with Greg tomorrow, wish me luck!

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